Learning and Teaching

The Georgian language program of Oakleaf School has been developed in accordance with the National Curriculum approved by the Minister of Education and Science. The school curriculum fully contains the subjects provided by the National Curriculum. In addition, Oakleaf School offers students additional mandatory and elective courses not included in the National Curriculum.

This programme is for students wishing to progress on to UK and US undergraduate degree programmes in a wide range of business, finance and politics-related subjects including International Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Operations Management, Finance, Political Science, International Relations, and others. This programme was developed by the British University in Georgia in collaboration with Oakleaf School.

2022-2023 წლის სასკოლო სასწავლო გეგმა

სახელმძღვანელოები (2022-2023 სასწავლო წელი)