Principal’s welcome

“From your time as a pupil to your University experience as an alumni, Oakleaf’s support and amenities continue. We believe that teaching is not a process that has a start and end point. It is the process that lasts for a lifetime. Thus, we feel that once a pupil becomes a member of our school, one joins us in the journey of education that never ends.”

“We provide a holistic education that balances academic achievement with the development of character, resilience and leadership”

Dear Students! 

It is my pleasure to welcome you at Oakleaf School.

The world is developing very quickly. The social structure is changing due to the technological advancements. Careful consideration of all this is essential for working out the new fabric of society, that is the most important aspect in achieving success in life. Without being able to connect with people and identify their wants and needs, one will be unable to create a product or service that is of need for the people. Our society needs people who can solve problems, which are not few. Georgia is not leading in any tables in the world. It is not the first in doing anything. We have to start now and the best way of playing our modest role in all this is to nurture future generations to becoming the future leaders who are oriented on better the livelihoods they live in.

The mission of our school is to achieve the highest quality of education in raising the future generations who will be oriented to bettering the world socially and economically. Following this vision, we strive to develop independent thinkers who are dedicated to bettering the environments they live and work in. The graduates of this school should be differentiated from other school graduates by their decency, honesty and dedication towards bettering the world. We will not be able to succeed in achieving this without the individual approach to each student. We will identify individual needs of students and nurture them to becoming the future leaders so that they then make a positive impact to our society.

Maia Gurgenidze

PhD, Principle of Oakleaf School

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