Mission, Vision, Values and Objectives


Oakleaf School is an educational institution focused on continuous development. Our mission is to raise a free person, equipped with conventional knowledge, carrying common human values, who, by conducting intercultural dialogue, will be able to appreciate their own self and culture, see their own place in the world.


By 2028, Oakleaf School Ltd. will be a nationally recognized general education hub providing a high standard of education to secondary school students.


  • To create a student-oriented educational environment based on the modern achievements of education, in which: students become free individuals, bearers of national and social values. They get the necessary knowledge and develop mental and physical skills;
  • To help students to develop a healthy lifestyle;
  • To form students’ civic awareness based on liberal and democratic values;
  • To help students to understand their rights and duties before the family, society and the state;
  • The school is focused on helping students in career planning, selecting universities and vocational institutions, and helping students to receive co-financing in various universities around the world based on their abilities.


Focus on continous development: Care for the professional development of teachers and promotion of access to innovations in general education system;

Teamwork: It is a priority for the school that all interested parties (administration, students, teachers, parents) are involved in the planning/management/evaluation of school’s activities and they have a common shared vision of the school’s development, which will be focused on the mission and objectives of the school;

Transparency: Regarding to all the processes taking place in the school, the school is open and its transparency is reflected in the relevant rules and procedures, as well as in the information media platforms (website, social network);

Equality and equal opportunities: The school is focused on developing an educational space where each member of the school community feels like a full-fledged representative of society, protected and safe regardless of their race, skin color, gender, origin, ethnic affiliation, language, religion, political or other views, social affiliation, property or rank status and etc. Each member of the school community will be given the opportunity to develop and realize themself as much as possible;

Cooperation with external actors: Oakleaf school is open to cooperation with all interested parties. The school is focused on developing mutually beneficial relations, both in Georgia and abroad. The school has signed an agreement with Education Pathways Group Ltd, and has the right to implement the International Foundation Programme – IFG in the territory of Georgia, which offers a successful future for the graduates of the school in the academic direction, offers professional assistance and various opportunities;

Focus on quality: The school is focused on the continuous monitoring/evaluation of its own activities, learning/teaching process and striving for improvement.

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