School Management System

Principal’s Vision and Management Style
The school believes that high standards can only be achieved in a collaborative environment. That is why the school recognizes educational leadership as a key benchmark. The school leadership vision is based on the values ​​and outcomes set out in the National Goals for General Education and the National Curriculum, considers the interests and opinions of students and staff, and encourages innovative approaches to management and teaching.

Students’ success and positive behavior should be facilitated by the development of effective approaches to the learning process, the creation of a safe, encouraging, benevolent and equal environment at school. The school leadership attaches special importance to motivating employees to show their full potential and participate in the development of school development plans. To measure the effectiveness of school management, the school ensures the development of appropriate monitoring and evaluation mechanisms, identification of strengths and weaknesses, and appropriate intervention. The school principal has delegated functions for effective and efficient management to deputies in the operational and academic directions.

The Organizational Chart of the School

School Staff

High quality is achieved by highly qualified staff. The priority for the School is to attract highly qualified staff and create an environment conducive to its continuous development. The achievement of results in the learning process is facilitated by the activities of the subject departments and the high degree of cooperation between teachers, while the effective administration of the learning process is facilitated by the clearly defined functions of the employees and their high competence.
Quality Assurance System

The school has introduced a quality assurance system, which considers the appropriate mechanisms – in the form of procedures, rules, criteria and tools, which allows for quality control and improvement of activities.