Global Pathway Programme

This programme is for students wishing to progress on to UK and US undergraduate degree programmes in a wide range of business, finance and politics-related subjects including International Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Operations Management, Finance, Political Science, International Relations, and others. This programme was developed by the British University in Georgia in collaboration with Oakleaf School.

There is a strong emphasis on developing learning skills and approaches in preparation for higher education study in the UK and the US in order that students who graduate from our programme are well equipped to face the challenge of studying at university level.


The program is designed to span one academic year, with a strong emphasis on enhancing academic English language proficiency and study skills. To achieve this goal, students will engage in courses such as Academic Study Skills, English for Academic Purposes, Research Methods and Information Literacy, as well as Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. Additionally, there is a course titled “Maths for Business”, which will introduce students to fundamental statistical concepts essential for most undergraduate business-related programs.

Further, students will delve into Finance, Economics, and Business courses to acquire the knowledge and tools necessary for determining their focus within the field of business at the undergraduate level. Business Fundamentals provides insights into the operations of business organizations across various industries, analyzing the global business environment and strategies for responding to external factors. While the primary aim is to prepare students for business and management degree programs, the course also incorporates practical applications of theories to real-world scenarios, with coursework assessing the challenges inherent in starting and sustaining a business.

An understanding of financial and managerial accounting principles is crucial for comprehending the inner workings of businesses. The Finance course introduces basic accounting principles and guides students in their application across diverse contexts. The Economics courses blend micro and macroeconomic analyses, exploring a range of economic issues on both national and international scales. By critically examining current economic problems and institutions, students gain a deeper understanding of economic concepts and their real-world implications.

In addition, students will partake in Global Issues and Perspectives, as well as Media and Society courses, broadening their understanding of global affairs. These courses provide students with the requisite knowledge to comprehend subjects covered in politics, sociology, and media undergraduate programs, while also keeping them abreast of recent global developments.

Key Facts:

The Global Pathway Programme is exclusively offered at Oakleaf School, running concurrently with the Georgian grade 12 curriculum.

Upon successful completion of the Global Pathway Programme, students can seamlessly transition to undergraduate degrees at partner universities in either the United Kingdom or the United States. For the most up-to-date list of partner universities, please consult the administration.

The program duration is one year, and upon completion, students will be awarded the Global Pathway Certificate in addition to their Georgian school diploma (Atestat).

English language requirement:
5.5 IELTS or equivalent.

Semester 1

  • GP_1.1 Academic Study Skills
  • GP_1.2 English for Academic Purposes
  • GP_1.3 Intro to Microeconomics
  • GP_1.4 Maths for Business
  • GP_1.5 Research Methods and Information Literacy

Semester 2

  • GP_2.1 Finance Fundamentals
  • GP_2.2 Global Issues and Perspectives
  • GP_2.3 Intro to Macroeconomics
  • GP_2.4 Business Fundamentals
  • GP_2.5 Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • GP_2.6 Media and Society