Education Philosophy

The education philosophy of school is based on some of the most important values.
Freedom of Choice
We believe that each student has a unique potential and indefinite capabilities, the key is the right guidance. After graduating from school in Georgia, a very small number of young people are given the opportunity to continue their studies abroad.Our goal is to give each student an education that will enable them to make a choice between Georgian and foreign universities, where they believe they will be able to develop.That is why the school has developed an original curriculum, which fully includes both the National Education Curriculum and the International Foundation program, after which the graduate can continue his/her studies both in Georgia and in the United Kingdom.
Highest Quality
The second is to achieve the highestquality in the education delivery process, which in addition to the introduction of a quality assurance system, must also be reflected in the results. To do this, the school will evaluate its own success both in terms of the student’s academic achievement and the scale of their success in real life.
Developing Student Values
Studies show that empathy and interest in discovering new things help students succeed. The school plans to assist students in planning and implementing projects that will enable them to see real life. By communicating with complete strangers, studying their problems, and helping them solve problems, students can make small but very significant contributions to the development of society.
Understanding our Place in the Modern World
  In addition to working on real life problems, it is also very important for students to have an idea of  where they are in the world as Georgian citizens. In order to properly plan their future, they need to understand the level of development of Georgia in relation to other countries, see where people live better and where worse, what is the niche of Georgia as a country and what professions are in demand/popular. The school plans to implement international summer and exchange programs, in which interested students will be able to visit foreign countries, explore people’s perspectives, see the differences, how people in different countries live and analyze how people plan their lives.

To build a better country, we need a new generation that knows exactly what direction its country needs to take and what is needed for the country to develop.